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I stop watching all tv shows for a while, but i can’t stop visiting TUMBLR. And there is so much spoilers!

What’s happening with Dean and Sam?
How are Emma, Hook and other?
How Ted and The Mother?
How is Graham?

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#and you can just tell from that look on his face that he’s thinking #’it was always me. #i’m the disappointment. #i was never smart enough or fast enough or brave enough. #i didn’t protect you when i was supposed to. #i didn’t follow orders. #i let you out of my sight and you ran away. #i’m the bad son. #you’ll always be his favorite.’ #FUCK THIS SHOW #to me you are perfect

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Ignoring everything that has been happening lately, NOONE can deny that the look on Sam’s face when he realises the crazy dude is going to cut Dean’s throat is sheer terror.

No,no,no, DON’T!

Just listen to these words again and again and again. Watch Sam’s expression closely. Whatever everyone thinks, Sam STILL cares. It’s stupid to actually think that he would be ok with Dean dying. He worries about him and he loves him. He’s just too hurt to fully show it. He keeps his distance.

And look how Dean barely flinches, doesn’t try to fight it at all….

People don’t realize that it’s SPECIFIC!!! Sam will forever save dean and do whatever it takes to save dean as long as Dean wants to be saved. It’s when he DOESN’T that Sam feels he would no longer do “anything” to save his brother.

But can we talk about how Dean doesn’t even look scared that he’s about to have his throat slit. He only flinches at having his shoulder tugged back. Even when he’s sitting there and he KNOWS the guy is right behind him, the camera has been turned on, the scene is set, and he is about to die. He doesn’t even look like he fucking cares! He just looks at Sam with this “Well, this is it, you won’t have to put up with me any more” look and IT HURRRTS

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miss me?


miss me?

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the saddest feeling ever is when you finish a show because you watched all of the episodes too quickly and you just want to stay inside that world for a little bit longer, but you can’t

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Doctor Who Series 4: The End of Time

The scenes where Ten is saying goodbye to his companions always makes me think that some of this is just pure David

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Good Story

This is blog about two amazing Doctors. ♥ + Sherlock Holmse and about sexy Andrew Scott Doctor Who|Doctor House users online